Friday, August 4, 2017

A Sobering Moment

One of my most outrageous memories from university happened as a result of a dare. A few years ago a couple of friends and I were hanging out at our dorms when we decided to get drunk and play Truth or Dare. 

Of course I was the first one to get picked, I chose dare immediately, needless to say I was way past tipsy at this point. I was dared to go outside to the beachfront and leap off the end of the dock. So I did.

Problem was it was dark.  Extremely dark, so dark you couldn't really see anything; I hit the water, swam to the ladder edge, and climbed up. My friends were waiting for me and they threw a towel (the important thing is that it was REALLY dark). 

We were walking back and I felt alive! I was dancing my way back (we were now near some stores and PLENTY of light) and I threw my towel off and pranced forward feeling so cool. 

Suddenly everyone gasped, some guys were hollering, cars were honking and I was thoroughly confused and still very drunk. My friend snatched my hand back and threw the towel on me. 

Turns out I had lost my bikini top in the water. I had just flashed everyone in the middle of a fairly busy street. If I were sober enough to feel any shame I would have been scarlet. 

From what I was told I giggled loudly and yelled back at the guys trying to pick us up and I took the towel off again. I had to be carried back to my dorm room. Oh, the morning after shame.