Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christian Tramp Stamps

The recent Christianization of pop culture has spread to various forms: Christian music, Christian heavy metal music, Christian-themed amusement parks, Christian literature (such as the Left Behind series), Christian resorts, and even Christian television. Many of us young committed Christians are pleased with this development, as it allows us to have our spiritual cake and eat it too -- that is, continue to be Christians while partaking of popular culture. The old-timers, however, suffer from ambivalence; not fully trusting the goodness and sincerity of youth. After all, they point out: the word "sincerity" has "sin" in it.

Recently, this has spread to another, surprising area: tattooing. Specifically, the Cross and the Rock of Ages themes have become more prevalent, as some Christians wish to proclaim their faith through body ink, just as their secular-minded neighbors have chosen other motifs.

Even the oft-scorned "tramp stamp" has been put into play. This type of tattoo, often identified with girls or women of loose morals, has become increasingly chosen as an alternative expression by Godly Christian women who find it a good way to make a Religious Statement. Crosses, Holy Bibles, scriptural verses, and the acronym WWJD have become increasingly chosen as a form of lower back art. Obviously, the wearer must be moderate in her choice of swimwear, not erring by choosing too-brief bikinis (but the 1960's style swimsuits are acceptable) or jeans that ride too low. Please don't make any cracks here!

We have to applaud this striking development in the general improvement of young people.

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